Missional Man Podcast: Done With "Church", but NOT With Jesus

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Jonathan Chambers and I have had a significant friendship for almost ten years.  We planted a church together...and closed it together.  He's led me in worship too many times to count.  I've watched his kids grow up, he's watched mine get old.  And our wives are best of friends.

He's also an entrepreneur, an idea guy.  So am I.  Put us in a room together and there's just no telling what might happen.  It may be sane.  And it will definitely be crazy.  We've had many hours of late night idea pitches, playing business ping pong, paddling crazy business ideas back and forth to each other.  And we've laughed harder together, with each other, and at each other than I've probably ever enjoyed before with another brother.

One of his ventures is the Missional Man podcast.  One thing I know for sure: if you want to pull off something well, talk to Jonathan.  He's a deep thinker and great planner and knows how to basically just get stuff done.  Jonathan has done a fantastic job pulling off this podcast, and I'm deeply privileged to have interfaced with him from the start.

As a point of trivia, he and I ran a dry-run of a test episode together over a year ago.  I was sick as a dog, but we had planned on it for days and both of us were pretty pumped.  As for the subject?  Well, maybe we can get him to publish that somewhere else one day so that it doesn't tarnish the great reputation the podcast has built so far.  Let's just say it was about UFOs, apocalyptic predictions, nonsense...and a decent bit of stuff that did make sense.

Here we are a year later.  Jonathan has walked the most recent part of my journey with me. We talked about it a great deal on vacation together last year.  My journey has been one which has culminated into an exit out of 25 years of church leadership, out of the institutional church (as I call it), and into what seems to be a fuller perspective on the ekklesia, the community and family of Jesus.

His recent podcast episodes have us talking together about my journey in a much longer format than my previous interviews on the Vince Coakley Radio Show (June 2015, October 2015).  Use the links below to access these episodes.  But buckle in.  My journey and testimony has been known to make some folks beat their steering wheels with hearty "amens", while other folks grind away inside with consternation.

Episode 1: My Past (Direct, iTunes, Android)

Episode 2: My Present (Direct, iTunes, Android)

Episode 3: My Wife Joins In (Direct, iTunes, Android)

Episode 4: Q&A (DirectiTunesAndroid)

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