Thoughts on the Doctrines of Grace

Sunday, July 01, 2012

In 2002, during an Adult Bible Study class on the doctrines of grace I was co-leading at a church where I pastored in West Michigan, multiple questions were asked by deep-thinking people who understood the far-reaching effects of such a theology.  My attempts to answer their questions took the form of an essay.  After a span of almost a year the essays mounted up, and together they formed a body of writing which answered questions not often asked in other theology books on the subject.  

I have attempted to gather these essays together here on Miscellanies on the Gospel for a wider audience and readership.  I trust they will be as helpful to everyone else as they were to the small group we were leading over a decade ago now.  The questions and subject matters are wide-ranging and at some points deeply personal, as you'll see.  The substance of the doctrines of grace not only makes the heart go deeper in a higher view of God, but it should make the heart stretch farther for those who are deep in spiritual poverty.

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