My Jesus: the Second Adam, Born by the Power of the Spirit

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The very first mention of the Holy Spirit in the gospel of Matthew is found in 1:18 and 20. We read in verse 18 that "Mary became pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit" (NLT). Later, an angel told Joseph not to break off his engagement with Mary because the child conceived in her womb was by the Holy Spirit.

The only other human being who was "made" by the Spirit is Adam. He was formed by God's very own hands, and the very first breath He took was God's. God breathed into Adam the breath of life, also known as the Holy Spirit. But he failed us. This goes to show me that even a human being made by God Himself, breathing by the Spirit of God Himself, is capable of sinning. The entire human race was plunged into death and self-destruction because of the first Adam.

The last human being who was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit was My Jesus. He is the Second Adam. He was NOT created, because He was and is and will always be...God. And conceived by the Holy Spirit, filled with the Spirit, He was victorious where the first Adam was not. The human race can now be redeemed and plunged back into life and joy because of the second Adam.

What I learn about my Jesus is that He is my me His Spirit. And He remains my substitute when, with the Spirit, I still fail like the first Adam.

I am overflowing with abundant joy and satisfaction in You, my Jesus. You are victorious FOR me so that I can be victorious THROUGH You.

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