Vacation Reading on Gospel-Driven Business

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's always interesting to attempt to detect God's providential hand in the direction he takes me. My love for gospel-driven business, something I've come to call "philanthropreneurship", is no secret. It's the wonderful, beautiful, harmonious dance between ministry and business for the sake of God's mission among the nations.

It's something I've abandoned recently in order to focus more heavily on planting and building the local church I am leading. But in God's providence, He's planted me in a cabin on vacation with some of the most amazing and interesting books that are like a spiritual IV to my arm.

Here's a list.

I've already begun scanning On Kingdom Business, and the preface and introduction alone were a steroid to my heart in this area. My mind is back on the race track of the business plans and models I've either already created or have at least begun planning.

Starting with my own children, I want not only to give them a business they can run themselves, but also the art and skill of business itself. I think that next to Jesus Christ and godly advice on a future spouse, this is the third greatest gift I could ever give them as a tool to glorify the first, provide for the second, and pursue the mission globally and locally.

We'll see where all this takes me this week!

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