To Rob on His 39th Birthday....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

So this is what it feels like to hijack your blog....but this is a tribute to you, so I don't feel too badly about it.

You are pretty much amazing. Let me elaborate a bit: you consistently show all 5 of us what sacrificial love looks like, not only toward us, but to others as well. You look for ways to extend Christ's love to everyone you come in contact with, and I am humbled by your example in this.

I told you in January I felt like we were on the brink of something big, and WOW! Look what God did! Just three months later we are out of debt, and you are now full time with the church....don't you love it? I can tell you do, because serving others is your heartbeat.

You are infinitely patient with me, even when I have a meltdown over customer no-service at stupid WalMart. Thank you for rearranging your schedule so many times to accomodate a change in mine.

Thank you most of all for pursuing Christ first; you love us so much better because of it.

I love you with all my heart- Sherri

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