An Introduction to Idyllic Christianity

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Idyllic Christianity is an ideal turned idolatrous. It is a vision of Christianity the way a Christian man thinks it ought to be, and not God. For the idyllic Christian, everything is measured against himself, his own thoughts, his beliefs, convictions, opinions, and views. Here's a brief introduction to how this person lives and case you happen to encounter someone like this.

1. It's all about my time. Your maturity and godliness and holiness are on my time-frame, not God's. I think you ought to be doing such-and-such today...right now! And by the way. What's taking so long!

2. It's all about my thoughts. I am walking with God closer than you. I am possibly (no...probably) more holy than you, and more serious about God than you. Therefore, Christianity is what I think you should be doing, and not what God thinks.

3. It's all about my tribe. I've managed to convey my thoughts well enough that I've found a group of other people who take Christianity as seriously as I do. So I think you ought to be a part of my group, organization, or denomination. If you aren't, then you aren't walking with God, or taking your Christianity very seriously!

4. It's about my tests. Since I take Christianity more seriously than you do, I've really got this thing figured out. My way is the best measure of your godliness. And if you don't pass my tests for godliness and holiness, then you're in sin, and at best immature.

5. It's all about my treasure. I have definitely found the pearl of great price, and I take it seriously. My Christianity is what I value above all else...and it's what you should value too, if you know what's good for you, or if you want to live as seriously for God as I do.

6. It's all about my tools. The best way to be godly is to use the same methods I use, read the same books I do, go to the same church I do, pray the way I pray, use the vocabulary I do, attend the workshops and seminars I do. Failure to use my methods will most certainly cause you to fall into sin, if you're not in it already.

If you happen to meet someone who's enslaved to idyllic christianity, preach the freedom of Christ to them. They'll hate it more than first. But they need it more than anything all.

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