New Frontiers USA Equipped for Mission 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Last week, we were able to send three couples from our Leadership in Development team at Church in the Boro to the New Frontiers USA Equipped for Mission 2010 conference in St. Louis. They came back pumped, excited, stretched, and confounded at times. We met last night to debrief about (1) what they liked the most and/or benefited from the most; (2) what they disliked the most and/or were the most confused about; and (3) what we as a leadership team need to think through and/or implement to advance our church to the next stage. It was a wonderful and challenging time ending in some very practical results.

Following are the messages from the conference I'm downloading to my Zune right now. Lord willing, I'll get started listening to a couple tomorrow, then complete the set on my drive up to Charlotte to visit this weekend with Euan Crane, leader of the New Frontiers church plant, Jubilee Church of Charlotte (formerly Catalyst Church)

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