The Gospel is a Better Fence Than the Consequences of Sin

Monday, August 21, 2006

For some time there was this sense in my Christian walk that I was being kept at bay from indulging myself in an ocean of sinful desires. What kept me at bay was the fence I stood behind. From my perspective, letting honesty speak, that fence was the fear of the consequences that would come upon me if I did jump into that ocean of sinful desire. In all honesty, I was scared to death of the aftermath. From God's perspective, however, that fence was His mercy. His Law and the effect it had on my conscience was His mercy to keep me not only from the earthly consequences of sin, but the eternal ones too.

I sensed the Lord's burden last week for other believers who find themselves in this condition of life right now. God would say to you to put that ocean and fence to your back and turn your gaze to heaven. It is from there that God can and will fill your heart, and it is in there (in heaven) that He desires you to indulge yourself.

What an awful state of life to be in, then, living the Christian life with a distant longing for sinful desires, while the only thing that keeps you away from it is your fear of what might happen if you do. While Law and fear of consequences are God's mercy, they are not God's best. There is no substance to such a life. Don't live another day simply being held back from your sinful desires by your fear of what will happen to you if you do sin. Instead, live from this moment onward fighting to turn your eyes and heart away from that ocean to heaven, begging King Jesus to capture your attention and enrapture your heart with His desires.

Jesus wants you to live by joy and not by fear.

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