The Gospel and Conscience in the Local Church: Solution One

Monday, July 24, 2006

The first obvious solution to the difficulty presented in the opening post of this series is this:

1. Recognize that God holds us responsible to follow what is explicitly in His Word and not what we think is implicit in His Word.

We must obey obligations and not applications. The gospel is that foundation of obligations which if focused on as we ought would almost completely overshadow those things that are not as important.

The main thing is the gospel. Doctrines and obligations that flow out of that main thing are as important as the main thing for they are the outworking of that main thing. But when we formulate in our minds what we think an important application of the gospel might be in our own lives, that application may not necessarily be important for someone else.

To determine whether or not this is the case simply ask yourself the question: Can I find what I consider to be important in God's Word? If you think you've found it, have someone else check it out for you, perhaps your pastor or a leader in your local church. This is important because it will keep you in check to make sure you're not reading something into the text that isn't there. What wonderful things in God's Word that we see....things that were put there by you and by me!

The gospel is the main thing. Don't cloud it with your personal convictions, issues, or anything else which would create competition between that thing and the gospel in the lives of other believers...including your own.!

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