Recommended Software: Has Your Blog Been Saved?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recommended Software:
Has Your Blog Been Saved?

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a terrible thought: what if all the things I typed in my blog were somehow lost? What if Google decided to start charging for the usage of their blog system and all the space I use and I was too cheap to pay for it? What if...what if...what if! My blog would be lost forever. Instead, as any good Baptistic Christian would desire, I want my blog to get saved.

That launched me on to a campaign to find software that would allow me to back it up to my computer. Preferrably I wanted two things. First, I wanted to have it "mirrored" on my PC. That means an exact copy of what is on Blogger would be on my computer and I could surf my sight offline just as if I were online. Second, I wanted to be able to publish the material on each post as a PDF file, to save for future reference without all the other stuff on the page.

I found two pieces of software that will let me do just that.

1. HT Track will backup your blog by creating a mirror copy of it on your own computer. It is not as user friendly as the second software recommended next. The site itself as well as the download page look tech-friendly instead. The interface may discourage some, but work through it and you'll be glad you did. It doesn't take that long to install, though the mirroring process takes much, much, much longer. The software took an estimated two hours to mirror my blog. So if you're blog is like Warnock's, Blogotional's, or Challies' don't even think about it unless you can stand to be away from your computer for at least a full day!

2. Blog Collector (Lite) will also backup your blog, though not in mirror format, and will also publish each post to a PDF, essentially enabling you to publish your blog into a book format. What a great gift idea this would be for someone else too! Consider publishing a friend's or a spouse's blog and giving them a copy of it for their birthday. Or, if your church has a blog, consider publishing it and offering it at your church's resource table or bookstore. I like it so much, I'm considering upgrading to the Standard version, and perhaps even the Professional version if I'm feeling splurgy.

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