Coming Soon...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Coming Soon ...

More apologies yet again for the lack of postings. Life has drastically altered around the house here since the end of March. I almost can't believe it myself that the last post made was on April 6th! That said, perhaps I can keep some of you on board with some tantalizing previews of what's coming soon (not necessarily in any particular order).

First, I'll be bringing a testimony from my new friend Gregory whom the Lord delivered just over a week ago on Resurrection Sunday. It is an interview you won't want to miss.

Second, this Thursday night in downtown Athens I'll be representing our local church in facilitating a discussion forum of sorts with a mixed crowd of all kinds of people on the forthcoming release of The Da Vinci Code movie and New York Times bestselling book on which it is based. As I understand it from some authoritative sources, this is the first time in history that any book has outsold the Bible. It is an incredible reflection of the postmodern society in which we live. What will follow in the coming days after the first run of this forum will be individual posts on the various points of discussion. I have little to offer on this subject in light of the incredible and amazingly smart myriad of literature in print and on the internet already available. I just want to stand on the shoulders of these great men and say something relevant about it to the crowd who lives in my little town. The entire thing is an attempt to formulate a platform to proclaim the real Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life to a society who believes in none of it. Pray for our attempts, for those setting it up, for those hosting it, for those who come, and for our local church whom God will use to snatch some from the fire.

Third, I have a fresh thought or two on the Emerging Church Movement as it relates to the subject of humility. Eventually, I'll deliver these thoughts toward an attempt of helpful criticism of the movement and one of its reflections.

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