There are Never any Surprises with the Gospel

Monday, March 27, 2006

There are Never any Surprises with the Gospel

See that picture of me to the left of this post (or in the upper right hand section of the blog if you read this after today)? I'm smiling there. But I'm not smiling now. I'm highly irritated right now. I'm frowning with furrowed brow.

A customer with whom I've been working for quite some time expressed a disinterest in what is referred to in the telecom world as a T-1 / PRI service. Instead, not thinking his company was at a point where they needed to upgrade their local service, he chose instead to remain with what he had - a basic analog or POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) connection. This was vital to engineering a phone system for him because I've got to configure what I sell to work with what kind of local telephone service he has.

At the proposal the first week of February he declined the suggestion to upgrade to a T-1. So I had to reconfigure the proposal for analog. Problem is, analog configuration is twice as much driving not only the overall cost up but also the maintenance costs. So today, when I faxed over the revised proposals to close the deal and get them installed, there were all the makings of a 'hissy fit' in the works. The price difference was considerably higher, not to mention the presence of price increases, as well as the fact that they wanted to add another phone which increased installation time and added additional parts necessary to make it all work together. The price difference made him irritated and he balked at moving forward.

This is why I hate sales. I've got to coalesce my pricing, take a little hit, offer the same discount I had offered before, and make less money despite the addition of more equipment. For goodness' sake! After almost two months prices will change. And when you want to reconfigure a system twice I'm adding a little more labor to recoup the time I spent engineering the thing, reengineering it, then re-reengineering it.

This is where I practice the sales solution called positive imagery. Most sales books teach salesmen to channel their negative emotions toward a positive video image in your mind of how you want the sale to turn out. For where I am in my life and in my sales career, those are called fantasy videos. They never happen. So I turn instead to the positive imagery of the gospel. And with the gospel there are never any surprises with God.

He never changes His mind. He is always faithful. He remains the same. And while a human being who changes their mind means less income for me, a faithful God never changing His mind only means more and more blessing for me. Praise God that He is not fickle, that He does not bless us based upon how much it will cost Him. He already figured that one out, didn't He! He simply emptied Himself upfront and gave all He had to start with. That way, we can never say, "You're holding out on us God!!!" like some customers do with salesmen from time to time (heck...what am I saying...most of the time!).

Take time with me today to focus on His immutability - His inability to change anything about Himself. He doesn't need to change. He's perfect. You can't improve on perfection. That's why He's not only unable to change, but unwilling to change. Change for Him would be a downgrade from T-1 service to analog service. It would be downgrading from a perfect batting average, or back down the rating scale if you've been counting down to the Final Four. I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for the rock, the anchor, the steel mooring of my faithful God who does not, cannot, has not, and will not ever change.

There are no surprises with God. He has already given us everything.

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