I'm So Sorry!

Friday, March 24, 2006

There's been little attention given to the blog here in the last two weeks. Last week I jammed up a nice post on the gospel and the church, one I'll repost once I type it all up again!!! That's right....I typed it all up, editing it with the blogger editor (like a dummy). So when my computer locked up after an hour of working on it, I lost the entire post.

Also, work has been so hectic that I just haven't had the time to devote to it lately. Not much I can do there, but my fam comes first! The problem is, in the meantime, the site has been down for some reason. My buddy Corey told me at lunch yesterday that it was down. I saw that a few days ago, figured it was blogger's fault, and went on with life. But evidently it wasn't theirs.

Still don't know how it happened, but my template got scrambled somehow. So it was sending the wrong information to the internet and showing nothing. But I fixed it, and we're back up. So thanks for your patience and keep checking periodically for a comeback! I so appreciate the readership from all over the world. It has been extremely humbling to know that people in Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Russia, Alaska, etc. are all somehow benefiting from this site. And to think it just started out as a way for me log my personal thoughts about the gospel so I could search them faster! Thank you again.

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