Filthy Rags Righteousness - a Gospel Confession by Faith Raider

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Faith and Daniel Raider are dear friends. The gospel bond is tight between us as we look to the Savior to lead us through the wilderness of this world. This is not to mention the fact that Daniel and I together have enough combined work experiences that we ought to be running a business coaching outfit!

Daniel runs a blog called Reforming Reformed, a new blog with keen insight and honed acumen. His wife Faith runs two blogs: Everything But The Kitchen Sink and Homemaker Journal.

It was last Friday that Faith wrote a post on the Sink blog entitled, "Heart Matters." It is a much better written echo of my previous postings on Jesus Plus... (here too). If you read only one blog post today (besides this one, of course), read hers. She poignantly nails what are and are not the issues when it comes to our walk with Christ. The entire post exalts the glorious gospel of Christ. Thanks Faith for a post that truly engaged my heart the more I meditated on it.

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