My Blogging Motivations, Your Benefit, Subscribe Now, and New Sidebar Resources

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

People ask me often why I started this blog. There were two reasons. The first two are selfish, but in a way that affect the third reason for the good of everyone who reads here.

First, I wanted to create a place where I could keep my thoughts, the ones specifically on the gospel, organized. Second, I wanted a website where I could keep track of my own favorite bloggers, books, and other online resources on the gospel. Out of those two selfish motivations comes a third - you the reader. What I do post on here, though it be for selfish reasons, I do in such a way that others will benefit also. That is, when I write about my thoughts, I write so that others will enjoy and benefit.

That's the main reason, by the way, for the Google Group bar at the top now. There are about three hundred now who subscribe for the posts when I publish them to the blog. The total readership is nowhere near that of, say, the Pyromaniac. But I'm sporting around a thousand readers a week, it seems by my best estimates. Now you can subscribe yourself to it. That makes it easier for me. Take advantage of it if this is something you enjoy reading regularly.

My selfish motivations being what they are, perhaps you'll benefit from the new resources I've finally finished building there. This, by the way, seems to be a major draw to the website, aside from the feeble posts I publish periodically. I get as many, if not more comments about the sidebar resources than I do my posts. All of the resources listed there are either things I've read, scanned, purveyed, or am reading currently. I've added a few new categories along the sidebar which should be of interest to readers here.

  • Resources on the Gospel and Evangelism
  • Resource Centers for Church Planting (a necessary consequence of the gospel if we get it, live it, and preach it right)
  • An Online Library of Gospel-Centered Posts, Articles, and Online Resources
  • Sovereign Grace Ministries Fellow Bloggers (help me fill out the list as you come across more).
  • My Wife's Blog (she's doing a great job without my help!)
  • Free E-Books on the Gospel (located past my book links).
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY! (facitiously speaking, of course...or then again, maybe not...), a link to my Amazon Wishlist, in case there are those readers out there who wish to show their gratitude by purchasing a book for me. I'll be glad to email you my address.

These should keep you all busy for a while, reading stuff much, much better than my own pasty drivelings.

Oh, and by the way, I finally discovered how to change the header on my blog. I created (sort of) my own header using Blogger Headz. Try it for free.

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