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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mark Lauterbach - Gospel Quarterback:

"Random and Radical BLOG on the Gospel"

Mark has randomly written about the gospel after two colliding events in his life: cataract surgery and reading John Piper's latest book, God is the Gospel. He writes,

"Gospel freedom must be cherished...Romans 14 is worth a read for all of us. There are some questions which the Bible does not answer -- is it OK for a Christian to buy a luxury car? what if he gets it on a great sale? what if his kids give it to him? Can men have long hair? Can women wear pants? are we to keep the Sabbath? Is we keep the Sabbath, is it OK to go out to lunch and make others work on the Sabbath? Does God like drums in music? If so, what kind of drums -- are timpanis OK but snares bad? Now when I buy a car I need to evaluate my motives -- but I dare not make a rule that God has not made. I stand accountable to God and to no one else. It is not so simple as a rule. One of the most generous men I ever met owned a beautiful car -- and one of the stingiest I ever knew drove and bought the cheapest things possible in order to be faithful to God.

"If we make extra rules, we hinder the Gospel. Every time I create an official church policy where God has not spoken (the music we sing will not include rock rhythms) -- I close a door to some folks with the Gospel...."

"The reason we want rules is they keep us from maturity. God did not give us a rule book -- it is not like interpreting the constitution either -- we do not build up massive volumes of precedents. It takes faith and courage to take the broad principles and apply them to your life and family. It takes humility to do it and not judge others. You must do it -- you have to answer these questions -- but you must keep your convictions on these matters to yourself."

Make sure Mark's blog is part of your daily reading.

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