Humbled to Be in Great Company

Monday, January 02, 2006

Humbled to Be in Great Company

Chris Giammona (A Mind Awake), a fellow servant with Tim Keller (one of my most favorite pastors in the world....because he understands the depth and breadth of the gospel....which is all that this blog is about), posts 2005: The Year in Review, telling us why he is thankful.

I do not link to this post out of pride (hopefully!), but out of the deep sense of humility his post produced in my heart. Why would a guy like Chris read a nobody like me? Nobody knows.

But Chris lists this blog along with five others which he says he reads daily and leave a lasting impression on him. I'll pass the compliment back and say that the reason he feels this is so is because he and Keller have left a lasting impression on me. (My only complaint being I hate paying for MP3 sermons...but they are well worth every dollar I spend!).

The other bloggers, ones with whom I find my own blog often associated with, are these brothers whom I count dear:

Chris, you're a kind brother. Thanks for the encouragement.

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