The Gospel and Providence

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Adam Omelianchuk runs Ochuk's Blog since February 2003. He's an exploratory writer, meaning that he writes to explore and think. Much of it is pretty good stuff, and in my opinion a decent theological thinker at 27 years old. An article he wrote back on July 15, 2004 is just such an example. It is called Gospel Providence, and I rather enjoyed it. It seems to lack a conclusion, yet in perusing it once more before linking to it here, I found the conclusion in the middle of the article. This paragraph stands out as the best:

"Chrysostom, like Luther after him, believed that the primary manifestation of the gospel was in the cross. This is where God’s love and wisdom displayed their manifold glory to all creation. The absurdity of the crucified God demonstrates that out of seeming suffering and defeat comes an unfathomable victory. In the most atrocious and horrifying event God was working out his plan to redeem his people. When the powers, principalities, and ruler of the air were dancing victoriously on the grave of Christ, God’s heel was poised to crush their heads. It is through the gospel we are humbled by the incomprehensibility of God’s plans."

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