Dave Bish and Team: Gospel-Centered Theology

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dave Bish and Team: Gospel-Centered Theology

It wasn't until after graduating from seminary in 2000 that I was able to dive into biblical theology, and particularly, redemptive-historical hermeneutics. This is the method of interpretation whereby we seek to understand the Scriptures as a whole unit proclaiming redemption in God (in the OT) and through Christ (in the NT). There were books and websites that were extremely helpful to me in this endeavor, the most influential being Graeme Goldsworthy. The footer of my blog, if you've ever read that far, contains the most influential statement of Goldsworthy that I've ever read, one which has guided my thinking and preaching ever since I read it.

One particular website which has been very influential (over the last year) in helping me see biblical theology and redemptive-historical hermeneutics in action is Biblical Theology Briefings, hosted in connection with my UK buddy Dave Bish (The BlueFish.Org). Dave links to a couple of sermons I emailed him about, and I thought I'd point the attention of my readers to his site(s) in case you've never used the links I have for him on my sidebar. (He's the funny looking fellow under Sam Storm's link!) Dave hosts the site with David Gibson and Andy Grundy, both gracious fellows.

Beginning with Moses has an official website and a blog. The website, also dubbed Biblical Theology Briefings, is an article/briefing driven site, providing resources, books, preaching materials, links, and even a forum for interaction. For starters I'd recommend The Story of a Kingdom, which provides a simple explanation of the whole Bible, an awesome place to begin.

If you've been wondering how all those pieces of the Bible fit together, this is the place to start. If you've been wondering what's missing in the preaching you're hearing, this is the place to start. If you've been wondering what's missing in your own preaching, again, this is a great place to start. In short, Christ and redemption in Him is the key to all the Scriptures. Do you know how to unlock the Bible with that key?

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