Save the Wheel: Reinventing the Gospel

Finally decided to take the plunge into Save the Wheel. Hilarious. Genius.

The moral? Why reinvent the gospel? Read about the site here, watch the movies here, and see the fanatics here, and get a T-shirt here.

In case you are wondering what all this is about, New Attitude is back in town. And if this pic is of Josh, Covenant Life could stand to pay him a little more!


at: 12/18/2005 08:24:00 PM said...

Maybe I'm just a bit suspicious, but I don't see anything that describes their theology...

And if it's the "same old same old" hypercritical "everybody but us is going to hell", I don't want any part of it.

One reason I choose emerging-style churches is because they listen to other people, and not just to themselves blathering!

Rob Wilkerson says:
at: 12/18/2005 08:34:00 PM said...

Sounds like your comment is the same old hypercritical "everybody that's not emerging ought to take a long drive off a short bridge," and not many want any part of that!

One reason emerging-style churches get such a bad rap is because they are so suspicious and don't attempt to understand other people's theology. So it seems they are just blathering to themselves!

There's nothing wrong with leaving your name, by the way. Blog-by shootings are highly discouraged.