Is This the Gospel? a Blog Post by Mark Lauterbach

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is This the Gospel?
A Blog Post by Mark Lauterbach

Mark, a Sovereign Grace pastor in San Diego, runs the blog entitled Gospel-Driven, now my number one favorite read. His most recent post hits it hard, provoked by the question at the recent Christian Bookseller's Convention, "What is the gospel?" Read it here and be sure to leave feedback with your thoughts. Here's the crux of Mark's post:

"The Gospel is not an empty suitcase to be filled with my own meanings. It has fixed content -- the Son of God was sent in mercy to a race of rebels, to lay down his life for sin, to bear in his body their well-deserved judgment. This he has done completely and he is now exalted as Lord and Master of all -- offering salvation to all who bend their knee to Him. The accent is entirely on Him. The news is about Him and what he has acccomplished. The Gospel is good news even if we reject it. It is not about me!"

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