Sam Storms on Divine Healing

Monday, October 10, 2005

As I was posting this series to my blog, I happened to come across an excellent overview of divine healing in the Scriptures. It is mainly a teaching outline prepared by Dr. Sam Storms at Enjoying God Ministries. It is entitled "Divine Healing" and is just one of the many excellent study resources made available by Dr. Storms.

The only caveat to the series is that it does not make a connection, at least that I've been able to pick up, between divine healing and redemption. The examples I shared in the series I just finished make up over half of the examples in the Scriptures on divine healing, and they were all inseparably connected to redemption. That is, the examples I shared showed how God's miraculous healing was intended to redeem others and bring them into the kingdom of God. Dr. Storms does not mention this facet in his work, and it is my lowly opinion that his is a work that would be bettered by making this crucial factor a centerpiece of the theology on divine healing.

However, Dr. Storms does do an excellent job of dealing with the subject of the atonement as it relates to healing, particularly working through Isaiah 53 and Matthew 8:16-17. His conclusion is biblically and theologically centered in the 'already-not yet'. That is, 

(1) all healing as we experience it today is rooted in, centered in, and flowing from and back into the cross and Christ's work of propitiation there. When God put His own Son to death for our sin, not only was sin paid for, but its results were erased as well. What that means, however, is that 

(2) the consummation of these results is yet to come. Total and eternal and permanent healing will come only when Christ comes to take us to heaven. Until then, there is the power of divine healing available to all through the atonement, but God may sovereignly and wisely choose (as indeed He seems to more often than not) to allow a saint to continue in pain, suffering, and ultimately death. 

Storms understanding of the dovetail effect of divine healing as harmonized with suffering and death and the second coming in Romans 8 is marvelous and concise. I highly recommend it....especially to the health-wealth segment of charismatic theology who erroneously conclude that the cross always mean healing for everyone all the time.

With these things in mind, I invite interaction and comments and feedback from others on this subject (regardless of whether or not you have read Dr. Storms teaching outlines).

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