Perspectives in the Emergent Church Movement & the Gospel

Monday, October 03, 2005

C. Baruch at Tishbyte is all for mixing the Emergent Church Movement with the Messianic Movement. He writes,

"So, how does Emergent and Messianic mix? Both movements are a journey towards stripping the gospel message of all the Western trappings it's accumulated over the centuries, and communicating it in a way that's relevant to their respective communities, Messianic to the Jewish community, and Emergent, to whatever community one is targetting, be it Postmodern, secular, Generation X, hard-core punks, whatever ethnic minority, or any group that wouldn't be caught dead inside a traditional church building."

I think that had the sentence ended after the word "message" he would be correct, and the rest of the sentence would be unnecessary. There is much about the Messianic movement that is good, like the ECM. But it too, like the ECM, is stripping the gospel. The ECM strips it as it has been historically understood by the church. And a brand of the Messianic Movement strips it by going where the author implied earlier in his post, namely a return of Gentiles to Judaism to find their identity in Christ. This is a strange mix indeed!

* * * * *

John Lynch at Emerging Story has an insightful commentary on "The Emergent Church of...Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints?" I highly recommend it. Here's an ECM'er who, without saying so explicitly, seems to imply at least that the fault lines in Mormonism lie also in what is currently known as modern evangelicalism. His offerings at the end are considerably helpful for ECM'ers, and make me wonder why John himself hasn't considered some of the applications of these wonderful helps to the ECM.

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