We're Moved! Our Transition, The Gas Hysteria, and Future Blog Posts

Friday, September 02, 2005

The move went as well as can be expected. This was the only time when my oldest boys were unable to ride with me in the big truck. They had to go on up to grandma's house with mom. They were really excited about that news as you can see from the picture. Despite the news, my youngest decided he would take matters into his own hands and drive the truck for me (despite the fact that he couldn't see over the steering wheel!).

The only catch was the area gas hysteria which began while I was driving from Columbus, GA to Athens, GA. En route, the hysteria began. I left my previous home at 1:00 pm. As I drove out of town, gas was around $2.50 pg or so. When I arrived at my storage facility around 3:30 pm it had already increased to just over $3.00 pg. A local racetrack in Madison was selling it for $2.85 and the traffic backup was nothing short of unbelievable.

Between the time I arrived in the Athens area and the time I finished unloading around 6:00 (just two and a half hours), gas had gone up to around $3.99 pg. One place, south of Atlanta, reported over $6.49 a gallon. By the time we were done unpacking our things into our storage facilities, the governor had thankfully frozen gas prices. Presently it is anywhere between $2.99 and $3.69 pg depending on where you are.

As we settle into our in-laws house for the next four to six weeks, we await the final details on the close of the home we will be moving into. That little detail hit my wife and I out of the blue yesterday as we were both sick of looking at homes. The offer that was rejected last weekend was suddenly recalled and new negotionations began. In the end, both parties were happy (the party selling and my father-in-law, the buyer), and Lord willing we may move in first of October.

With that update on our move, I thought a little preview of blogging posts would be in order since time to work on them will be limited due to the transition (and limited funds which would ordinarily purchase a cup of coffee as the price of free WiFi!). I always seem to have a few posts simmering in the pot from week to week, and here are the pots on the burners right now. (The order is not set as a law of the Medes and Persians, and posts are subject to change at anytime, largely determined by the input of the two counselors who always agree with me on every single thing I think and write - Garfield and Whiner).

  • Diary of a Mad Black Woman and Redemption Rejected
  • What is the Hermeneutic of the Gospel?
  • The Gospel-Fight for Sexual Purity (When You're In a Hotel Room Alone)
  • Gospel-Medicine for Sinusitus (and Pretty Much Whatever Else that Ails You)
  • Does the Gospel Mean that Christians No Longer Feel God's Displeasure?
  • Of Ants, Undiscovered Sin, and the Power of the Cross
  • What the Emergent Church Believes About the Gospel, Part 5: Recommended Resources
  • Recent Perspectives in the Emergent Church Movement and the Gospel

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