An Old Link Made Fresh

Saturday, August 20, 2005

An Old Link Made Fresh

Earlier today, an old link was made fresh by a comment from a reader. That's what keeps old links fresh, by the way - continuing to comment on them!

This particular piece is a short one I wrote, actually asking for input. It was entitled, "The Gospel According to John Eldridge Reader." It is located in the sidebar menu under "Posts that Might Make People Mad At Me." This post may have made the author a little wary of me. But my aim is not to scratch and fight like a cat, picking on people with whom I disagree. Mine is only to poke at the reflections and observations others make about the gospel, to sort of see what's underneath it.

I like Eldridge's sense of adventure and I know we'd both have a ball with our boys in the woods or in an eight-man raft on a whitewater trip. When I read him I feel we're cut from the same fabric. But our personalities can't drive the meaning of a text, and it can't shape the meaning of theology. And I'm afraid that might be what's happening in some of his works. That said, read my post for yourself, and comment on my comments, if necessary! I'd especially love to get some input from the wider readership of Adrian's blog. (Thanks again for this rare privilege Adrian!)

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