MOG Issued Warnie Award

Thursday, August 18, 2005

MOG Issued Warnie Award!

Earlier today, Adrian Warnock, a blogdom hero not of old English folklore but of present day legend, issued this site the coveted Warnie Award. My blog is now number 17 on a growing list of otherwise outstanding blogs. I'm truly humbled. I think about the only thing better than this would be sitting in a pub for a couple or three hours with Adrian and the Pyromaniac! Now for an acceptance speech!

I only started blogging a few months ago. But given our conviction that the gospel is not just the most important thing but the only thing, as C.J. Mahaney puts it, I created this blog initially as a simple tool to flesh this out for myself. But being a pastor, it would naturally be worded and wielded for the good of all mankind. Thanks chiefly to Adrian, I've learned much of what I know about blogging and honestly have to attribute any success it has to listening and learning from his gratuitous posts on this topic alone.

The person and work of Jesus Christ, summed up the word 'gospel' or good news, is the centrifuge of our life and breath as Christians. May we experience a lurch backward to the core of everything for us. It is filled with simplicity, isn't it. Yet all its truths, implications, connections and applications can no more be discovered and mined than the sea floor of the Mariana Trench can be.

I'm convinced that so much of ministry, preaching, teaching, scholarship, academia, counseling, etc. has become tangential, not even peripheral any longer. It's just stuff that is so way out there, untethered to the gospel in anyway, that it's no wonder marriages are failing, relationships stay broken, churches split, and believers stay trapped in sin.

So if this award means anything at all, let it be a proclamation to lay aside the issues and movements that easily beset us. And let us return to the cross and behold the wonder of every splinter!

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