Handling Pain and Offense with the Gospel

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The gospel doesn't allow us to rearrange our lives so there will not be any pain. Pain lin life, of any size, shape, or form is inevitable. Some people try to arrange and/or rearrange their lives (esp. emotional and mental) to avoid pain (and stress!).

But the gospel will not allow this. The center of the gospel is forgiveness. It forgives the pain others cause us because it teaches us that God forgave the pain we caused Him. All of life has already been rearranged around the cross and there all pain finds its consummation. It is an already/not-yet consummation, of course.

Therefore, we must arrange our pains and hurts around the cross, and bring it to bear with penetration and saturation on our pains, offenses, and hurts. If we live life in such a way as to avoid pain, the Christ of the gospel is not magnified. The gospel teaches us to take risks, knowing that others will hurt us, because that same gospel teaches us that love covers a multitude of sins.

The gospel is the only remedy for those who have been hurt so many times in so many ways.

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