A Gospel Perpective on the 'Bad' Stuff - Katie-Abigail Elise Raider

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I stopped by to visit some dear friends today. They just had a new baby! She's the sweetest thing (next to my little girl, of course!).

As we talked, Daniel and Faith told me that Katie-Abigail had evidently not passed her hearing test. Now, I'm no expert, but I never heard about my babies taking a hearing test. Do they lift the hand or finger that corresponds to the ear hearing the beep? (That's not Katie-Abigail in the pic to the right! That's just a sample-baby. But man, it sure could pass for her! But could it be because most babies look alike when they are born? I'm sure I'd get a smack from Faith if I were posting at their house!)

What was encouraging to me was the faith with which Faith was filled! She certainly lived up to her name's sake! Daniel is filled with that same faith as well. His words to me were something like this: the moment we heard, we were filled with the faith to not worry because we realized what ministry opportunities this would open up to us if Katie-Abigail did in fact turn up deaf. Faith has evidently meditated in that direction that she implied a bit of disappointment if her little girl did in fact turn up able to hear!

No, they are not sadists. No they are not child-abusers. They have been changed by the gospel! They have gained a gospel-perspective on the 'bad' stuff, seeing it instead for what it really is - the goodness of God toward His glory and kingdom, and toward our good.

I myself was filled with faith as I left today. Here's a couple, young as they are, that gets it. But more than that, they think it and live it.

I love you guys! And I love you too, Emma and Beth!

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