The Emergent Church and the Gospel: Recent Comment by Dallas Willard

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Picked up a blog post by a fellow named Charlie Wear this morning. It is very helpful toward my observations of the ECM and the gospel.

Willard on the emerging church...

Via Darryl Dash via Leadership Journal [Summer 2005] the following quote about the emerging church from Dallas Willard:"Dallas Willard: They have a justifiable and healthy reaction against the model of programmatic church, and I think that it's good in many respects. I hope and pray that they find their way and bring us something really positive and good. That remains to be seen. The great challenge for the emerging church is determining their message. Reacting against the modern church is not a gospel. But if their message becomes living in the kingdom at the street level, then that's going to be wonderful."

Let it be so...

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