Coming Soon: Pyromaniac Tattoos

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A&E, the cable channel, had a special on recently which fascinated my wife and I. It was on the art of tattooing. That's a culture I know nothing about, honestly, though I did have a dear friend of mine I was discipling while I was in seminary. His name was Jeff and he had the entire outside of almost 30" arm tattooed with the most exquisite color ink rendering of Jesus yet. He was wearing a crown of thorns on Jeff's arm, and the 'tat' was quite graphic. When I inquired of Jeff why he would go out and spend hundreds of dollars on something like that his response was from the heart and I'll never forget it: "Well, I figure if Jesus could endure all that pain for me on the cross this is the least I could do for Him."

So that got me thinking. Phil's waiting on his new computer which means I've got some down time between reading his hilarious but true critiques of Evangelicalism. And what's more, I still haven't got my Pyromaniac bobblehead doll (whassup with that Dan?). But while I'm waiting I've got my own marketing idea.

Introducing the: 'Pyromaniac Tat.'

Once Phil registers his patent for the designs people could print it off and (a) take it to the nearest tat dog and have him imitate it, or (b) print it off on the color ink-jet with iron-on paper. Either way, it'll hurt pretty darn bad - whether you use a needle or an iron.

But it'll be really cool! Until you happen upon a post you don't like and then you're in trouble. And then its out with the belt sander or off to the dermatologist to have your favorite blogger removed from...your belly?

(I found this pic online of Phil's fraternal twin, Filippe, also known as the Irish Reformer. He gets fired up about the Pyromaniac and he's not afraid to show it! And that's an IBC (Ideal Beer for Christians) collector's edition in his hand, for you Baptists out there.)

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