People Are Thirsty for the Water in the Well and Not So Much For How We Draw It Out

Friday, July 29, 2005

People Are Thirsty for the
Water in the Well and
Not So Much for
How We Draw It Out

I read a post today while eating my peppermilled turkey and case cheese Sandwich (with ranch dressing) on Sourdough, with Four-Cheese Doritos and a humongous helping of my wife's apple/blueberry cobbler. The post was almost as good as my lunch.

The post was an entry by Communio Santorum, "an online theological journal designed to highlight the sacramental, trinitarian, and covenantal connection we have with the historic Church." They have termed their site a "Reformational Contribution to Catholicity."

The title of the post of interest to me was "A Thirst for Living Water." It was fabulous to me because I got the spirit of their post without getting caught up in the criticisms of exegesis and hermeneutics. Others undoubtedly will trip over it all, completely missing the point. Near the end, the author contends,

"We must preach Christ and Him crucified. Our job is not to call men to accurately interpret Scripture. Our job as witnesses is to tell forth Christ and the gospel that can set men free. Men thirst for Christ, not biblical hermeneutics. Men need Christ, not instructions on how to properly understand the Bible."

I understand the point. But there is a bit of dualism going on here, to be sure. Christ has only revealed Himself in the Scriptures. So unless we do understand it - by means of proper exegesis and hermeneutics - then we can't understand or know Jesus Christ. But I get the point, loud and clear.

Read the rest of the article here.

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