Paying Your Gospel Debt to the World - Part Seven (Final)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Our Attitude

I brought up Luke 17 yesterday for a reason. The context is marvelous. I believe Luke 17:10 portrays the attitude of a debtor. When we are done with our lives, paying as much of our debt as we can possibly pay, always realizing we’ll never be able to pay it all back, our response to God’s welcome of “Well done you good and faithful servant” is “We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.”

Whatever you do, don’t think too highly of your evangelistic efforts. Don’t think you’ve got the market cornered on it, or that you’ve won more souls than anyone around you. Don't think you've got the latest and greatest method of winning souls and growing churches. Don't let your pride run away with you! You’re just doing your duty to the lost, friend.

There’s nothing extraordinary in what you are doing, unless you are suffering in an extraordinary way for doing it. All we will have to offer Christ in return for what He has done for us is our meager attempts at saying thank-you through our own worship of Him and our efforts to lead others to worship Him also. It is amazing how much pride can get in the way of something that is all about God and others.

Recommended Reading

A book that became of tremendous value to me in helping me work through these principles I just laid before you is one written by John Miller entitled, A Faith Worth Sharing. In this book Miller records various memoirs of evangelism opportunities that he has taken hold of throughout his years as a Christian. And the book begins with his identification of the evangelism attempts of others to eventually lead him to Christ. I highly recommend this book to help shape your focus of evangelism in terms of how to put it into practice.

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