Paying Your Gospel Debt to the World - Part Three

Friday, July 08, 2005

Our Money

The currency to pay off our gospel-debt to the world is nothing else but evangelism. This is done through preaching, through proclaiming the truth about God’s righteousness and forgiveness. It is heralding the good news of peace with God.
But this involves thinking of creative and innovative ways to do this. Paul did it through preaching, and you must do that much too. But he also did it through writing. He did it through supporting himself financially so his message would not be burdened by accusations of greed. He used every opportunity that came his way to pay back this debt.

We are not shorthanded on these finances. The gospel is eternal. It never runs out. It is not a check that bounces. There is always enough of it to go around. This is the kind of currency that does grow on trees. So there should never be the excuse that we don’t have what it takes to do it. We’ve got the time. We just don’t use it like we should.
And we’ve got the know-how, but we are just to fearful and lazy to admit it. God has given us His gospel in our hearts, and this in turn informs our lips what to say. There’s no empty bank account here. So we must continue to preach and teach and witness and reach out and do everything else we can figure out how to do as long as God gives us breath. If there’s no shortage on the gospel, then there should be no shortage of our sharing it.
Find the currency you possess to pay off your gospel-debt to the world and start spending like crazy!

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