Paying Your Gospel Debt to the World - Part Two

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Mandate

We are indebted to all of mankind today, regardless of their culture or education or language. No one is excluded, no matter what they look like, smell like, or sound like. The main aim of a debtor is to pay the debt back.

Do you feel the weight of your debt to those who are lost? When you take a review of your spiritual bank account, as it were, does this debt loom over all that you possess and enjoy, both spiritually and materially? Do the faces of the world come to your mind as you enjoy your gospel benefits and privileges? Does world news create an urgency within your heart to both go where help is needed and bring the gospel to those who need to make sense out of their tragedies? Do homeless people and hitchhikers grab your attention as you drive to your destination?

Jesus told His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). That verb “go” is not really a verb in the original Greek, but is a participle. But yet it is still an imperative. Therefore, the translation should literally read, “go, and as you are going, make disciples of all nations.”

The mandate is clear then: we are to go wherever it is we are going, making it a point to get to the nations, and as we are going we are to make disciples, both along the way and when we get where we are going. And we are to make disciples of "all nations," that is, all people groups, ethnicites, language groups, etc. That includes the homeless in the big city near you, the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, the poor and hungry in Africa, as well as the nations that live within a hundred mile radius of your home.

Take this mandate seriously, for it was purchased for you right alongside your justification at the cross.

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