Paying Your Gospel Debt to the World - Part One

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The three confessions of every Christian are found in Romans 1:14-16.

First, I am a debtor
(v. 14).
Second, I am ready
(v. 15).
And third, I am not ashamed
(v. 16).

The first confession means that because God has forgiven our sin-debt toward Him, we are now indebted to take the message of forgiveness to others. Paul said he was a debtor to all mankind, Greeks and non-Greeks. For us, this means we are obligated to all mankind as well, upper class, middle class, lower class; red, yellow, black and white; male and female; adult and child; regardless of race, language, or national origin. All mankind needs to hear this message of forgiveness.

In the next few posts, I'll suggest that three emphases need our attention with respect to this topic: our mandate to pay our gospel debt to the world, our money - or the currency we use to pay off this debt, and our methods in doing so, as well as obstacles to overcome. Pray that your soul may be open to the challenge that will come out of these posts.

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