This Weekend's Gospel-Centered Blog-ommendations

Saturday, June 04, 2005

This Weekend's Gospel-Centered Blog-ommendations

Here are the top three blogs and posts to check out this weekend.

1. First, Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace to You, has finally showed his face in the blogosphere. Check out his new blog called Pyromaniac, with his first post entitled "Quick-And-Dirty Calvinism."

2. Second, I have recently explored the world of Dave Bish's blog The Blue Fish. Dave is a fellow blogger with me, Paul Schafer and a couple of others at The Glorious Gospel of Christ. Get introduced to Dave on his blog, and then peruse his search engine for items that interest you. Dave is Christ-centered, gospel-focused, and Bible-saturated. Dave is also an editor/contributor for the Biblical Theological Briefings, a website that has occupied hours of my time as I seek to continue my lifelong pursuit of biblical theology.

3. Third, as always, Dan Cruver at his Eucatastrophe Blog has a gospel-centered theological post for all to read and consider well. His lengthy Puritan-type title captures the mind and says it all: "The Spirit and Gospel-Centeredness: A Consideration of the Ascension, Spirit-Filling, and Gospel-Centered Living." Thanks Dan for a well-written and thought-provoking, and theologically life-changing demand.

4. Finally, my buddy Chris Carmichael over at The Sacred Sandwich, has delivered up a tasty appetizer in this month's section of The Bohemian Baptist called "Buying the Walmart Jesus." Here's a snippet:

" seems to me that many Christians today have been infected with the same corrupting consumerism that has given rise to the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Their lives are no longer content with the eloquent simplicity of Jesus Christ and His Word, but now clamor for a wide variety of new and improved Christianized products to over-indulge their so-called faith."

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