One-Size Fits All Christianity by Tim Boucher

Friday, June 24, 2005

It appears my most recent post and/or other posts on the Emergent Church has come to the attention of Tim Boucher: Occult Investigator. Yeah, that's right...he's a real live invesigator, peering into myths, magic, saints, and superheroes (at least that's his byline).

I'm not quite sure what to think about this one, folks. This is not exactly the type of link a Christian blogger raves about, you know what I mean? But God's providence in the world wide web is just as strange, but in a sovereign way, of course.

I'd encourage you, if you have any web-surfing time, to Read Tim's comments for yourself, and see what you think. As scary as this is the fact that I was notified about this link by a fellow who walked down the Emergent Church path only to eventually abandon the gospel and Christianity and is now a self-proclaimed pagan. How disappointing. To be sure, one case does not necessarily make THE case against the EC, but it sure doesn't help, does it?

P.S. By the way Tim, I haven't 'written off' the arguments you left on my previous post. I just figure, what can I do or say? We're arguing from two totally different planes of spiritual-consciousness here, man.

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