The First Ever MOG POG Awards

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The First Ever MOG POG Awards

Okay readers. I'm about to give out the first awards on my blog since we just broke the 1000 reader mark this past week. These awards are called the MOG POG awards.

Now, a POG was formerly known as a lid that came from a bottle of famous Hawaiian pineapple-orange-guava juice. They were all the rage here a few years ago, kids collecting them everywhere. But hereafter and forever more, POG shall be known as the acronym for Publicizing Online my Gospel blog.

The first two MOG POG Blog awards go to three special sites. They are special for this reason. They point to the power of linking. (If this is something you have not discovered or are not utilizing in your own website or blog, then shame upon shame be upon you and yours!) Linking is the very foundation and power of the internet.

Just how powerful is linking? Let me put it this way. These three bloggers have linked to me on their blogs. So when I type the name of my blog into the Google Search Bar, I received over five thousand occasions of it on the web, almost all of which come from these three bloggers, believe it or not.

Let me explain it another way. When others link to your blog or website on theirs, then everytime they make an update to their site or blog, that update with your linked site is pinged (registered) with Google and dozens of other search engines. What that means is exponential growth in opportunities for others to discover your blog or website and to benefit from it.

By way of example, a friend of mine, whose name also happens to be Rob (whom I haven't talked to in over five years), just so happened to find me on the internet because Phil Johnson over at PyroManiac linked to my blog in one of his posts. How cool is that! In other words, for you theology-heads out there, that means that when you link to others, and when others link to you, you are increasing the opportunities for God's providence to work in and among the world wide web and ultimately in and among His church and the world! Think about it that way!

Anyway, back to the awards, they go to three individuals.

1. Tim (what's your last name, bro?) at Blogicus. Check out his website and look at both sidebars on the left and the right. Notice how many links he lists. That means everytime he posts, my blog title gets posted too! Thanks Tim. By the way, just so you know I'm not being narcissistic in this post, I love your stuff too, bro. Keep it up.

2. Bob (what's your last name?) at Mister Standfast. Same thing there. He's got a bazillion links on his left sidebar.

3. Dan Cruver (hey, I know your last name!) at Eucatastrophe. Again, same thing. Dan's got boatloads of links.

And their linking to me us just the bonus to all the good stuff these guys are posting out there!

Long story short, link to others and they'll link to you. To do so, log on to my site and look towards the bottom of my sidebar. Use the links to the Blogdom of God, The Truth Laid Bear ecosystem, and the Ring of Reformed Sites (or whatever theological persuasion you hold to) for starters. Then, as others begin mentioning your site or blog, put a reciprocal link to their site on yours (sort of as a 'thank you' for them mentioning your site), and send them a little email thanking them for the mention or recommendation.
Way to go Tim, Bob, and Dan! You guys deserve the first three MOG POG Blog awards!

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