Emergent Church Movement & Miscellanies on the Gospel: Uniting Redneck Theologians of the World

Monday, June 13, 2005

Emergent Church Movement
Miscellanies on the Gospel:
Uniting Redneck Theologians of the World

A few days ago, Peter Wilkinson, a contributor to the Open Source Theology site commented on a post by Andrew Perriman on that same site. Peter's comment was entitled "Rednecks of the World Unite." I can only suppose that this may be a reference to my current pastoral ministry in a booming metropolis of 700 people in southwest Georgia. To Peter I would only respond that I resemble that remark (as if you couldn't tell from this picture my wife took of me at the Daytona 500 a couple of weekends ago). Can you guess who I'm rootin' fer?

All I can say is that I'd love to have Peter, Andrew and all the guys over at OST come on down here to my church and we'll hold a contest at one of our potlucks to see who can drink the most Bud Light while holding a minimum of three wads of Redman in yer cheeks. Oh, and just so you can have a cultural context for me where I am (since the EC is all about ministering to people in their own cultural contexts), I decided to post a picture of our church sign with this Sunday's sermon title on it.

My sermon this Sunday will be a story (For you EC readers out there, that means my sermon will take the form of a 'meta-narrative' style) about Jesus cleansing the temple, or as we call it down here, that time when Jesus opened up a can of 'whoop_ _ _' with his razor strap belt. And or ambience here we don't use candles. We like citronella tiki torches and Basic cigarrettes, both of which keep the room lit up pretty well and create a nice fog effect. We do however celebrate the occasional spiritual birthday with candles down here during what many in the EC might call a small group (but we just call it a 'gittagether.') This picture below was taken at Beumadine Scleavy's spiritual birthday party the other nite...she's thirty years old in the Lord (it took two cases of Pabst to pull this one off!).

If you guys want to stay on over fer a nite in our Church RV...

...you guys could hang with me at work the next day (I've got another job working with my 'sosheeit paster' as he's called down here - "associate pastor" for those who don't understand redneck), and we could talk shop.

Ya'll be sure to get back with me on it. If yer interested I'll call mom-n-em ("my mother and her family") to see if it's okay if ya'll'd rather stay with her. She'd just love to have ya'll.

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