Three Recent Gospel-Centered Posts

Saturday, May 14, 2005

What is the Gospel? by Zacharius Ursinus

My buddy Paul Schafer at Thoughts on the Christian Life posted two weeks ago a piece entitled "What is the Gospel?" a theological exerpt from Zacharius Ursinus. It is fitting that this post should be posted in my blog since we're all about the gospel here! To read Paul's post, click here.

Christ, the Center of Scripture, is part one in a series of audio online discussions through the Whitehorse Inn. It was recommended by Dan Cruver at Eucatastrophe.Com. To listen to this discussion, click here.

I am Scum, I am Forgiven, was a recent post on the Effortless Grace blog, one which I enjoy reading from time to time. I'd be especially interested to take a sounding of comments on this one. I see the guy's heart and I hear where he is coming from, but will you be tripped up by the surface level obstacles?

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