This Holiday Weekend's Gospel-Centered Blog-ommendations

Sunday, May 29, 2005

1. First, check out Dan Cruver's post this past week: The Hypostatic Union and Gospel-Centered Preaching. Dan invited me into a debate forum a couple of weeks ago surrounding the question: "What Constitutes God-Centered Preaching?" Our answer is simple: God has revealed Himself, His glory, His wisdom, His righteousness, His justice, love, mercy, grace, etc. all through Jesus Christ, the fulness of God. Therefore, God-Centered preaching must be gospel-centered preaching, preaching every text as it stands in light of its full revelation in Jesus Christ. The major contributor to the thread of this forum didn't believe this was the right answer. Dan is a much abler statesman for gospel-centered theology than I, and he does it in this first of several posts.

2. Second, check out a new blogging sister I've posted to my sidebar, one whose wit and wisdom combines into a powerful force of helpful satire. Her name is Ingrid Schlueter and her blog is A Slice of Laodicea. The particular posts I wanted to point your attention toward were the following.

2. Third, I stumbled upon Woodchips and Text Musings this week, a blog by Dr. Caneday. I have never heard of him, but upon reading a few of his posts, I thought very highly of him. Because of my peon status in the kingdom (and blogdom) of God, this probably means I'm less than a peon for being this ignorant. And in light of such a status, my 'recommendation' means nothing. Nevertheless, I do want to recommend highly a discussion he had in August of last year regarding Biblical and Systematic Theology. It is a lengthy and personal email, but sifting through it will yield just what I hope it will, namely more discussion on the need for more biblical theology, as opposed to systematic theology.

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