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Monday, April 18, 2005

The following are some links to a few gospel-centered blog posts which I enjoyed and thought others might as well. Please remember, just because I offer the link doesn't mean I agree with or endorse everything in the post. Overall, however, they are very good reading, sometimes beneficial, and sometimes confusing. Enjoy!

Christ Shall be Magnified in my Body II posted on Christian Blog.Com on March 21, 2005.

The Gobbledygook Gospel by Charles Slagle of Gospel Logic. After reading Slagle's 'rollercoaster' of a gospel he's been taught, everyone should feel sorry for him. It becomes immediately apparent, however, that in some representations of the message of good news he's been taught over the years that he is interpreting what he heard rather than repeating it. There are glimpses of biblical Calvinism in a couple of dips in his rollercoaster, but he reinterprets those to be horrible. What his article shows me is that people are in fact aching for a Savior, and they need to be shown the one who exists in the Scripture in a pure and unadulterated form. He IS holy, AND loving, AND angry against sinners, AND sovereign, AND just, AND gracious, AND merciful, AND saving. He is all that and more, just as the Bible says. What Slagle's case shows us, unfortunately, is that the gospel has become so muddled that poor souls out there who so desperately need a Savior can't find Him amid all the muck and mire. Let's preach redemption and reconciliation and peace with God through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Seven Reasons NOT to Ask Jesus into Your Heart from Duluth Bible Church's website was cited on March 28, 2005 on Theology Geek Blog. Geek has some great links on his page, although his blog seems mainly devoted to Ham Radios.


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