Feeling Christ's Love Afresh in Gospel-Motivated Emotions (Continued)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Feeling Christ's Love Afresh in Gospel-Motivated Emotions (Continued)

The next snippet from Roberts book, The Christian's High Calling, recalls to mind another rut that Christians, and especially pastors, fall into - namely, using the Bible as a study book rather than a guide to behold and love Christ and feel His love in our hearts. If the following paragraphs convict, then take hold of his remedies as I have done and experience the difference as I have.

"The Bible is not a quarry for scholars to research in and nothing more. It is not a textbook for religious education only. It is not simply a fountain of proof-texts. It is a God-given account of how he himself has taken steps to redeem us from death and hell, to translate us from darkness unto light, to lift us from sin to grace and from glory to glory at last. All of this stupendous divine plan is concentrated on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, our beloved Saviour. He is its Alpha and Omega. He is its Yea and its Amen. Surely we cannot, dare not, must not allow ourselves to read the Bible, which speaks of him, and not also make it our regular rule and practice to feel some of his love to us as we read it."

"One of the reasons why men read the Bible and feel nothing as they read it is that they do not approac it in the right way and with the right understanding. We should see Christ in the Bible everywhere...We are above all to read the Bible so as to 'meet' Christ in it. It is because we are too often 'fools and slow of heart to believe' that the Scriptures all point to Jesus that we put them down without our hearts having been stirred within us."

"The greatest need we all have is for more of the burning heart. It cannot be concealed when it exists. It will show itself in unctuous prayers, in heavenly talk, in holy living, in fervent affection, in patient suffering and in ardent hope for blessing from God. There is great talk today about 'love,' but small experience of it. Yet it is only as we ourselves burn with a felt sense of Christ's love to us that we shall radiate that love to others. Steel is molten in the furnace and so must the soul become incandescent in the fire of Christ's love before it can burn as it needs to do."

"Truth may, and must, be stuied so as to set our souls on fire. There is nothing at all in the Christian's life more important than the enjoyment of Christ's love. If our reading and our studying do not lead us many a time into 'wonder, love and praise', we lack understanding and are coming short." (pp. 147-150).

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