Peering Into the Mystery of the Gospel

Friday, March 25, 2005

I was moving into a new house last week, and on Spring Break with the kids this week. That's why there have been no new posts. I try for the most part to keep my brain on the shelf when I'm trying to vacation.

But I find I'm generally not good at doing either! I still blogged while I was gone, and my buddy Dan Cruver's blog was the shelf I put my brain on. So in today's submission, do two things for me.

First, check out Dan's blog on March 14 entitled "Moralism vs. Christ-Centered Exposition," a sermon by Tim Keller. Follow this link:

Second, in little, teeny-tiny print at the bottom, in yellow is the link "Comments (13)" or whatever number follows "Comments." Read through the responses.

Reading through these items may take about 15 minutes of three mornings to complete, but they are well worth it. This has seemingly proved to be one of the most recently provoking blogs yet on the Eucastrophe blog.

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